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Cervantes Dorantes Abogados, S.C., is a law firm focused on consulting and legal advice, legal representation, defense, and strategic litigation on high-impact and complex matters.


Cervantes Dorantes Abogados provides free legal advice and representation, as well as litigation service to people in vulnerable situations. 


We have a high commitment to society by providing victims with complete legal protection against the abuse of authorities that violate the human rights of low-income people, indigenous communities, and vulnerable groups due to age, sex, or disability.

Cervantes Dorantes Abogados has entered into agreements with different Civil Associations at state and national levels, all of them dedicated to provide legal advice in defense of human rights. 

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Cervantes Dorantes Abogados is a firm committed to developing the best talents in the legal area, not only on training but also on the retention of lawyers and professionals.

We have a career plan with clear and transparent rules for all members equally, allowing comprehensive technical and legal learning with ethical principles.


Cervantes Dorantes Abogados is looking for students, lawyers, and professionals who wish to develop their careers in the firm with a multidisciplinary approach in different areas of law.


Cervantes Dorantes Abogados is a firm committed to the world’s environment and the defense of human rights; consequently, in all matters where legal representation is needed, it acts in defense of the rule of law and justice.

The sustainability model at Cervantes Dorantes Abogados is based on the fulfillment of our collaborators in actions in favor of our community and on the discovery of new opportunities for improvement in the environmental and social sectors. 

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Cervantes Dorantes-24.jpg

Cervantes Dorantes Abogados is a firm with huge experience on legal consulting matters and on high technical litigation cases at state and national levels.


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Cervantes Dorantes Abogados, S.C. is a law firm that provides legal services allowing an attorney-client relationship in a one-on-one environment and based on cost optimization for clients.

"We provide our clients with a clear point of view based on a solid understanding of their business."


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