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Zamir Cervantes

Attorney | Principal Partner

​​Zamir Cervantes-Dorantes has extensive experience in legal advice and representation in tax, corporate & restructuring as well as a labor & social security matters. In addition, he has extensive knowledge of legal arguments, particularly in constitutional matters and matters of litigation and defense.


In his professional career and practice, Mr. Cervantes has successfully fulfilled several audits with  Mexican tax authorities in relation to manufacturing operations, distribution, services paid abroad, financing, royalties, and dividends. As part of his professional practice, Mr. Cervantes has filed important matters in local and federal courts for the benefit of vulnerable sectors with limited economic resources. Additionally, he has helped manufacturing companies in various industries to obtain favorable resolutions over transfer prices from Mexican tax authorities.

Mr. Cervantes as an attorney has developed his professional career in law firms with international prestige like PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Horwath, Deloitte, KPMG y Baker Mckenzie. Currently, he is co-founder of Cervantes Dorantes Abogados, S.C, a law firm focused on consultatory, legal representation, defense, and strategic litigation on high impact and complex issues.


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